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Value: $97
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"IntelliTheme: Maximized Revenue, Minimized Hassle – An Awfully Smart WordPress Theme For Niche Sites!

The ONLY WordPress Theme that automatically optimizes your website for optimal clicks and earnings. Intelli Theme does the split testing and optimization for you, allowing you to focus more time on site creation and scaling your business.

IntelliTheme will:

Save You Time:

- Automatically optimize niche sites
- Critical metrics are consolidated in the WordPress dashboard.
- No more trying to link different accounts, tools and profiles to get data.

Make You More Money:

- Maximize earnings for each site, individually.
- Capitalize on split-testing with one click!
- Pageview, clicks, and CTR updated 24/7

Give You The Knowledge of Experts:

- Industry best practices built in!
- Layouts based on successful performance of thousands of other websites
- Tested on over 100 different websites and 30 different industries...!"