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Online Lead Finder 1.02

Sale Page: http://www.onlineleadfinder.com/

Product Price: $497
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Dear Online Marketer,

I am out for revenge. I am going to settle the score. I just found out that one of my “former associates” has ripped off my software and is now selling it with their name on the package.

Pretending that they put in the time and energy to create, develop and perfect thelead generation and virtual investing system that I created.

Stay with me, Here’s what happened…

I’ve become known as the guy who developed lead-generation systems used by the top real estate investors to grow their multi-million dollar businesses.

I created the system first for my own businesses, and had so much success that afew of my friends wanted to know how to do it to.

So they told some people, who told some people… Next thing I knew, people were practically begging me to come up with a course so theycould learn exactly what I was doing.