AdText Generator 2.2.6

AdText Generator 2.2.6
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Product Price: $35/month
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Here’s what AdText Generator 2.0 Does:
- Instantly Creates Proven Ads at your fingertips per keywords that matter to you most which will make you the most money – PERIOD!
- Gets multiple campaigns uploaded faster than any other software or services.
- Software uses ”secret” strategy of elite marketing professional to ”Swipe the ads with proven results for guaranteed instant high response.
- Gives you an upper-hand over competing advertisers with even the largest budgets. You can do more than a team of skilled managers with a few clicks of your mouse.
- Creates custom ads for EACH of your keywords (potentially thousands) based on ads that are tested to work.
- Puts all of your keywords and ads into their own ad group for Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing. You now know with pin-point accuracy what’s making money and what’s raining you dry.