WP Mass Tube

WP Mass Tube Download
Sales Page: http://wpmasstube.com

Value: $14.50
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"WP Mass Tube - Instantly Add LOTS of Targeted Videos To WordPress. Monetize Them With Just 1 Click!

Yes, Monetize YouTube Videos Without Creating Them! Complies With the YouTube Terms of Service.

- Add More Content To Your Sites
- Build Authority and Profit
- Easy to Use. 100% Newbie Friendly

And Yes, WP Mass Tube Works For ANY Niche!...!"

Wishlist Member 2.8

Wishlist Member 2.8
Sale Page: http://member.wishlistproducts.com/

Product Price: $297
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Those wanting to set up a member’s program site, using the WordPress software, are now able to achieve this with the aid of the WishList Membersoftware program. It functions on either freshly made or current weblogs. This effective script easily integrates with WordPress to generate a full featured membership site, in simply a little while. The only thing that is required to begin with is unzipping and importing the script, itself. It is as simple as that.

WishList Member program is much less costly than comparable programs and provides a no hassle money back guarantee. Technical expertise isn’t essential to set up a membership site effectively. Purchasing the software additionally entitles users to free improvements and updates, when they are introduced. WishList Member staff members also advocate other WordPress plug-ins that they feel can make a regular membership web site all that it can be. Customer service and satisfaction is extremely important, to the organization.

Software features include but they are not restricted to: membership level choices, sequential content distribution, protected RSS feeds, sign in redirection, subscription period management and shopping cart integration compatible with PayPal, Google Checkout, 1ShoppingCart and ClickBank. Subject material protection is essential, when running a membership website. That is the reason why WishList Member software provides so many possibilities to people deciding to work with the software. This software has the detailed capability to permit use of certain pages and posts, based on one’s membership stage. So there is no need to fret that site visitors may obtain material that hasn’t already been paid for.

Web site creators have access to a multitude of support video lessons, that makes it even simpler to produce a membership site from beginning to finish.

Automated Webinar Generator

Automated Webinar Generator
Sale Page: http://evergreenbusinesssystem.com/start/

Product Price: $497
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Automate Your Webinars

Create Rolling Webinars that play on autopilot. With our Smart- Date technology, you just set the days of the week and what time or multiple times of the day it should play.

Simply record your webinar one-time and let our system do the rest.

Set Black-Out dates like Christmas, and eliminate short-notice by choosing to block today, or a few days before they can see your webinar to build anticipation and educate/indoctrinate prior to your webinar.

Translated to 20 languages!

Do you market your webinars to non-English speaking customers? If so you will be happy to know that our platform supports over 20 different languages! When creating your webinar, simply select the language of your audience and our platform will automatically translate absolutely all messages and text lines for you.

Here is how easy it works, for example:

Let’s say you’re targeting your webinar to the German speaking market… In that case, simply tick the “German Language” box in the configuration dashboard and all pages, images, and options within your webinar will be instantly and automatically converted and translated to German. This includes all pages like the webinar registration page, the webinar live and replay pages, etc.

By the way, these translations have been performed by real people in their respective native language, not by some translation software that can confuse literal phrases compared to actual means and expressions known in that language. So you can rest assured the translations read 100% accurately!

Pay-Per-Attend Webinars

Do you want to charge for your webinars? No problem at all!

Evergreen Business System allows you to easily set up a pay-per-register webinar system so only those who’ve paid for your webinar ticket can actually register to it!

And, as usual, you’re in full control: you can charge whatever fee you wish, for as many webinars as you wish, and use whichever payment system you wish: PayPal, Clickbank, InfusionSoft, Google Checkout, your own merchant account, etc. You name it, you can use it.

Making money with your webinars has never been easier!

Register Users From Your Own Squeeze Page

Do you drive traffic to your own squeeze page? Yes? Excellent!

Evergreen Business System integrates with all the autoresponder companies, so you can automatically register your visitors to your mailing list and to your webinar simultaneously.

You can create your own Squeeze Page on your site, and let EBS auto-register your subscribers to your webinar on the background, without them having to do anything at all.

Integrates Straight Into Your Website Or WordPress Blog.

Do you already have your own website or WordPress blog?

No problem! you can embed the webinar’s registration box straight into it!

We offer two types of registration boxes: a vertical one, which embeds beautifully into your site’s sidebar, and a squared one which fits perfectly into your content posts. Whichever you go for, your users will be able to register to your webinar straight from your existing site or WordPress blog!

Use Any Time-Zone or Use Local-Time of Your Registrant.

Of course, you can set the time to any time zone. But we found that allowing the visitor to choose his “Local Viewing Time” is less confusing and has higher show rates.

Heck, if someone in Australia has to register for a Webinar NY time, his Friday 4PM webinar is really Saturday 6AM. Imagine how confusing that is to figure out just when trying to pick a Day and Time!

With our Local-Time feature, we take care of everything and make it easy for the viewer and we convert all the emails and notifications automatically for them in the background there is nothing you need to do.