SEO Cleaner 1.3

SEO Cleaner 1.3 Download
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Value: $19
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"SEO Cleaner — WordPress Plugin for Site Clean Up!

What will SEO Cleaner give you?

- Better SEO ranking
- Clean markup
- No content duplication
- Freedom from useless features

Here’s what you can effortlessly remove with SEO Cleaner:

- Unused meta tags
- Links, scripts and styles in your head section
- Redundant server response HTTP headers
- Any extra features you don’t use...!"

Captcha Sniper X 5.07

Captcha Sniper X 5.07

Price: $97
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Captcha sniper is a new stat of the art captcha bypass software that will allow you to solve captchas without having to spend any money on that.

Captcha Sniper intercepts calls made to the well know captcha solving service known as decaptcher via HTTP post (API implementation and different providers is coming quickly). Captcha Sniper solves the captcha for you and returns the answer to the software you are using and in addition to that it includes a command line feature.

Watch the video below to learn more about how captcha sniper works ! it is a review of one of the users of captcha sniper !

It works with all of these different programs with more being added all of the time.

Sick Submitter
Article Marketing Robot
Backlink Brigand
GSA website submitter
GSA auto soft submit
Zenno Poster
AutoPligg 6
Auto Website Submitter
Auto SoftSubmit
Sliq Tools

Advanced Email Scraper 2.0

Advanced Email Scraper 2.0 Download
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Value: $16
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"Advanced Email Scraper is most powerful web based tool to extract emails by various techniques like website crawl, URL crawl, search in Google/Bing, search in txt file. Not only that by this tools can check email validation (pattern, MX record), search for whois data, filter your email list by removing duplicate emails, check web page status. It is designed carefully so that you can install & use it very easily.

Advanced Email Scraper supports multiple users and all of your users can also use this tool likely.

Advanced Email Scraper key features:

- User management
- Full website crawling
- Extract encoded email
- URL crawling (bulk upload)
- Search in Google, Bing with keywords (proxy is recommended)
- Whois search (bulk)
- Search in txt, doc, docx, pdf, json, xml file (bulk file upload)
- Email validation check (pattern, MX)
- Email filtering (remove duplicate email)
- Bulk page status check (56 HTTP code)
- Awesome Dashboard...!"

Proxy Multiply

Proxy Multiply
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Product Price: $59.95
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Infinite proxies at your fingertips

Proxy Multiply is more than just a proxy scraper and a proxy tester. After harvesting thousands of proxies from a list of constantly updated websites, it will search Google, Bing and Yahoo to find thousands of more proxies!


No other program to date implements this kind of recursive technology to give you a proxy list that will exponentially increase and is essentially limitless.

Whether you require 5 proxies or 5,000, Proxy Multiply can accommodate your needs.


Let’s look past the fact that Proxy Multiply is more complex and efficient for just a moment and analyze what consumers truly see first and foremost: the price.

For example, the product Forum Proxy Leecher, which ONLY leeches from predefined websites and has no dynamic website discovering ability like Proxy Multiply, costs $99.95. That also only includes a single year of updates. Jrim Software products include updates for lifetime.

Proxy Goblin? $96.00. Also only a leecher and does not include Proxy Multiply’s unique search ability.

Proxy Multiply? Just 59.95 for a lifetime license. The same as a single month of most cell phone bills!


Proxy Multiply uses an efficient and fast search method to produce an exponentially increasing number of proxies. Just press ‘Start’ and PM will search the internet for new HTTP and SOCKS proxies, tailored to your needs via the port filtering and specific test server settings.


Instead of saving proxies to a text file and testing them in another handful of programs to figure out which ones work, Proxy Multiply cuts out the middleman and tests all found proxies to find the fastest servers.

Youtube Domination

Youtube Domination
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Value: $$
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"YouTube Domination - YouTube Automation Bot!

YouTube Domination General Features:

- Bypass API - Acts Like A Browser User
- Fully Multi-Threaded
- Multi-Account Management
- HTTP Proxy Compatible - User/Pass Authentication & IP Authentication
- Link Proxies To Accounts / Load Proxies Separately / Reload Proxies From URL
- Built In Proxy Checker
- Spintax Compatible - For Use With Commenter & Other Features
- Built In Spintax Checker
- Full Process Logging
- Cookie Usage...!"

Tweeter Traffic

Tweeter Traffic
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"Tweeter Traffic - Gain masses of traffic using this completely automated Twitter auto-responder software!

Create campaigns, add in your keywords & import your accounts & then our software will research Twitter for your keywords & send replies to your target market!

Includes automatic account creator, multiple reply system, email verification module + more!

Tweeter Traffic Features:

- 100% Automated After Campaign Setup
- Gain Traffic Completely Free With Ease
- Search For Multiple Keywords For Each Campaign
- Run Unlimited Campaigns - Runs 1 Campaign Per Thread
- Completely Multi-Threaded
- Can Be Run With Or Without Proxies
- Works With HTTP + SOCKS5 Proxies (IP Authentication + User/Pass)
- Won't Reply To The Same User More Than Once
- Set Your Own Limits For How Often To Search For Potential Clients
- Enter Multiple Keywords To Generate Extremely Targeted Traffic
- Instant Reporting & Error Logging
- Tokenizable Tweets
- General Statistics Allowing You To View An Overview Of The Process...!"